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We are excited to work with local realtors and brokers in the valley, as we help build enduring communities.

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Thank you for bringing your clients to a Bela Flor Community! We love working with local realtors to help match every buyer with the home of their dreams! Many of Bela Flor’s communities feature Move-In Ready homes in addition to custom build options, making it possible to cater to clients who have a more urgent timeline. In order to ensure a seamless process, please reference the information below. If you accompany your clients on their initial visit to the project and your clients subsequently purchase a residence in this community, you will be entitled to receive a commission subject to the following:

1. To avoid any misunderstandings involving Agency, your registration establishes you as the Buyer’s Agent even though the Seller pays your commission.

2. We will honor your registration under the following conditions:
a. Registration will NOT be honored if your clients have previously visited the project by themselves and/or if your clients fail to sign below. Your client must complete a Client Registration form on site.
b. We require that you accompany your clients to the project and register them. We will NOT honor a “drive-by”registration or sending clients to the project with instructions to tell our Sales Representatives that you are working with the client.

3. We pay a commission of 3.0% (three percent) of the Base Purchase Price, as stated in the purchase agreement for a Residence, (no commission paid on Options, upgrades or site premiums), less any incentives or discounts. No commission is paid if the purchase is cancelled; whether because of Buyer default, mutual cancellation or otherwise. All forfeited earnest monies belong to the Seller.

4. You must have an active real estate license in Arizona.


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Attention Home Buyers!Our Response To Covid-19

We understand that times are challenging right now, overwhelming for many, and we also understand life still happens, moves still happen, and home ownership needs do not disappear. As of now our sales offices are currently open. We are taking safety precautions, limiting 1 to 2 sales staff members on site at a time, regular cleaning and sterilization of our models, surfaces, doorhandles, etc, and maintaining safe distance from clients. Realtors, you may now register your clients over the phone to avoid having to accompany them if they wish to view the models. Please feel free to contact us via our website, sales office phone numbers, or social media if you have any questions! We are happy to host a virtual open house with Skype or FaceTime and to serve you in the safest way possible.